A critical part of this project was to find ways to work with the community of the neighbourhood, ways that would allow us to find a diverse range of people making home in the area.

Therefore we are using the device of a newspaper to engage with the community and to build up an awareness of the project.

Up to three newspapers will be issued by the Home on the Grange team. These papers will contain stories of living and making a home in this part of Dublin city, using new drawings, photographs, writing, and interviews.

The first issue will invite further contributions from people living in this neighbourhood to be included in subsequent issues.

The team proposes using the network of hair salons and barbers in the neighbourhood and working with some of the business owners to distribute the newspapers. The team have been out and about across the neighbourhood and the response on the ground from the barbers and stylists and shop owners to the project is positive and enthusiastic. We are so grateful to have so many community partners on board as these hair-rooms really do act as small community centres and hubs for people of diverse ages and ethnicity.

The first Home on the Grange paper will be out in September.