Copyright: Aisling McCoy

Home On The Grange has begun!

A project by photographer Aisling McCoy and architect/curator Emmett Scanlon, and made in collaboration with graphic designer Paul Guinan, Home On The Grange is a community-based public art project that aims to harness our latent but often unacknowledged creativity in homemaking. Even in seemingly identical houses, people occupy, use and creatively appropriate the places they inhabit with an often modest but typically sophisticated enthusiasm and they do this over time and on a daily basis. This process reflects their individual histories and personalities but is rarely discussed in this way.

Working in collaboration with a number of local inhabitant-participants to document, discuss and present how they each make home, the Home On The Grange project thus aims to reveal aspects of the diverse individual and collective identities of people in the Grangegorman neighbourhood. The project begins in June 2016. Home on the Grange has been commissioned under Pathway 2 of the ‘…the lives we live’1, the Grangegorman Public Art Project. This pathway centres on community based projects and events and aims to increase local participation and engagement with life through the arts.

Extract from ‘Dreams of a Summer Night’, New Collected Poems (2011), by kind permission of the author, Derek Mahon, and The Gallery Press.